Victoria Sebag, “Cepheus, Sagittarius, Ursa Major”

Cepheus in “Cepheus, Sagittarius, Ursa Major”, painting, 2020.
Sagittarius in “Cepheus, Sagittarius, Ursa Major”, painting, 2020.
Ursa Major in “Cepheus, Sagittarius, Ursa Major”, painting, 2020.

Materials: oil on linen.

Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm x 5cm, 100cm x 100cm x 5cm, 85cm x 60cm x 5cm

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Artist’s comment: I am inspired by the murals of Diego Rivera, the way he uses line, and surface to create his works. I am also inspired by the strong colours of the folk art of Latin America, the ceramics of old Spain and Portugal and the natural world. I have taken the vine as my motif in these works as they represent the ancient cultures of the Hispanic speaking world, the vibrancy of the cultures and the connectivity (the vine can’t help but reach out and connect), through wine, through visual art, through song, through strong folklore and religion. Latin America and the Iberian peninsular are able to keep their culture vibrant and strong through all these mediums. As a descendent of Portuguese, Spanish & Mexican Sephardi jews, I am able to connect with my past through art. I hope the passion, the colours and the sheer force of these paintings show the survival of these cultures through the ages will always endure. The works are painted in traditional way, oil paint on linen, but I hope they are modern, brave and confident of their place in the contemporary world.