Paulina Figueroa Garduño, “Jamaicón”

Central Line in “Jamaicón”, engraving, 2018.
Piccadilly Line in “Jamaicón”, engraving, 2018.

Materials: screenprints on paper.

Dimensions: 34cm x 25 cm (individual prints).

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Artist’s comment: Jamaicón is the name Mexicans give to homesickness. In Mexico, each metro stations have visual signs, these are used so that tourists or people who can’t read are able to navigate through it. They were created in the ’60s and are unequivocally Mexican. Every sign has a story behind it that relates to the name of each station, to the history of the city itself. Two years ago I moved to London, and one way to cope with homesickness and adapt to a new environment was to translate one city into the other. So I copied the Mexican visual signs and translated them into the Piccadilly and Central Line (zone 1 stations). Researching the names and history behind the tube stations, I felt less foreign and closer to this new city.