Patricia Mato-Mora, “Posidònia”

“Posidònia”, sculpture, 2017.
Detail of “Posidònia”, sculpture, 2017.
“Posidònia” to scale, sculpture, 2017.

Materials: stoneware and nylon, small hooks.

Dimensions: 950cm x 750cm x 1050cm

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Artist’s comment: Posidònia is an immersive installation entirely realized of ceramic components. The piece evokes the maritime identity of Spain, and the Mediterranean at large, taking the port atmosphere to the interior of the gallery. The exhibition space is explored through a chain made from small ceramic components that inhabit the ceiling, floor and walls. The ceramic elements have been made out of red stoneware clay (stained with oxides); fired in a gas kiln, with a “reduction” firing (without oxygen), to 1280oC (cone 9). Thanks to this material treatment, the ceramic material recalls the rust that the sea causes on any adjoining materials, particularly metals. The sea, at the same time, is an extremely important element in Majorca’s history, where Patricia was born and raised. The intervention Posidònia does not consist of an isolated artistic object, nor a series of them, but rather tries to express the ability with which an artefact allows us to reinterpret the space, offering spectators new ways to inhabit it. The space of the gallery has been interpreted as the subaquatic space of a dock. Visitors find themselves submerged in the ceramic choreography, walking on the seabed, where the anchors that secure the boats are resting. They are invited to tie a little nylon string from the ceramic sculptures. This, in turn, creates a natural/manmade line of “tide”, related to the height of the average visitor, and reminiscent of the line where barnacles stop growing on the chains that moor boats to the harbour. The “growth” of this hypersculpture, made of nylon strings, is completely unexpected, and cannot be controlled by the artist. In this way, the ceramic chains are the armature that allows the organic growth to take place.