Lorrain Mailer, “Cover Version”

“Cover Version”, sculpture, 2020.
“Cover Version”, sculpture, 2020.
Detail of “Cover Version”, sculpture, 2020.

Materials: sellotape.

Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 30cm and 60cm x 30cm x 80cm

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Artist’s comment: Cover Version was inspired through a combination, of exploring boundaries and limitations of materials and with wanting to make a social economic statement in these extraordinary times under Covid. I have been drawn over a number of years to South American art primarily because of its minimal use of materials to express enormous emotional complexity. I have been especially fascinated by the simplicity of Lygia Clark (Stone and air 1966) and Doris Salcedo (Shibboleth 2007) work. I feel this paired down interpretation can be seen also in my present work, which requires more than the eye to visualise this sculptural/installation work with its contradiction of the floppy material, to Salcedo’s concrete or the pressure from Clark’s the stone and air yet sellotape is as hard and durable as these materials, capturing a trace in a moment in time to reveal the human condition and its vulnerability.