Lino, “Mi Cerro (The Hill)”

“Mi Cerro (The Hill)”, painting, 2018.
Detail of “Mi Cerro (The Hill)”, painting, 2018.

Materials: acrylic on canvas.

Dimensions: 180cm x 50cm

Artist’s comment: “El Cerro El Ávila” is an imposing mountain that serves as a shelter for the City of Caracas, Venezuela, but also in recent years it has become a symbol of hope for those Venezuelans who have emigrated seeking a better quality of life. El Cerro is a chromatic composition inspired by pieces of Venezuelan kinetic art, specifically those of the master Carlos Cruz-Diez, used as a reference and visual tool, which together with the graphic representation of “El Cerro El Ávila”, pay homage to one of the greatest exponents of Venezuelan art and all those brave Venezuelans who are found around the world, hoping one day to return home.