Gisella Stapleton, “Libertad (Freedom)”

“Libertad (Freedom)”, painting, 2020.
Detail of “Libertad (Freedom)”, painting, 2020.
Detail of “Libertad (Freedom)”, painting, 2020.

Materials: acrylic paint on cotton canvas.

Dimensions: 102cm x 76cm x 4cm

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Artist’s comment: “Libertad (Freedom)” is inspired by the struggles of Afro-descendants in Latin America in search of justice and equality. In recent years, in several Latin American countries, Afro-descendant social movements have obtained the recognition of important collective rights and forced their States and public opinion to accept the persistence of racism in their respective societies, in order to overcome racial discrimination and the social and political exclusion to which they have been subjected historically, however, there is still a long way to go in the fight for true equality. After their emancipation from slavery, Afro-descendants continue to suffer discrimination based on their race or skin color, and the individuals who are part of this group are at a disadvantage due to their membership in this community. Of this group, Afro-descendant women have always been the most affected since they are inserted in a complex system of structural discrimination of both race and gender and the majority still lack the socioeconomic resources and power necessary to achieve physical autonomy, economic and in decision making. Linking the fight against racism with overcoming gender discrimination and the search for autonomy for Afro-descendant women requires taking on the great challenges as a society for their individual and collective recognition as subjects of rights.