Elen Tilbury, “Se Contentar Com Pouco”

“Se Contentar Com Pouco”, painting, 2020.
Detail of “Se Contentar Com Pouco”, painting, 2020.

Materials: oil paint, solvent, medium, varnish.

Dimensions: 30cm x 25cm

Artist’s comment: My artwork was heavily influenced/ inspired by the romantic Spanish painter of the late 18th century Francisco Goya: a generalised critique of his work would suggest he portrays a very gruesome perspective – diverging from the influences of the beauty and drama of the baroque style, instead relaying an dramatic/ harsh narrative. Goya is often referred to as ‘a nightmare artist’ so I based this particular painting off of a nightmare I had early quarantine. I attempted to capture part of Goya’s ominous creative abilities in my style. In the specific piece I incorporated in my picture submission as reference (by Goya), it appears the characters of the painting fade, becoming indistinguishable from their environment/ background. I mimicked this using a less subtle expression without the soft contours Goya created so likewise, the character of my painting also began to merge with their background. His futile physical and mental state and the bloodshed of the massacre that corrupted his environments at the time majorly influenced his late work, much of which reflected his trauma/ decline in mental health- in my piece I attempted to try represent dissociation in reference to in part mental health awareness, however significantly in addition, it was an important factor in the direction of work by Goya that inspired me.