Antonio Regis da Silva, “Presas Profundas”

“Presas Profundas”, sculpture, 2020.
Detail of “Presas Profundas”, sculpture, 2020.
Detail of “Presas Profundas”, sculpture, 2020.

Materials: rope, iron rod, anchor found on the beach, rubber.

Dimensions: 120cm x 70cm x 38cm

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Artist’s comment: This work investigates traces of the African diaspora and can be seen as  a reference point for the survival of culture in post colonialism. We react to the implicit knowledge of pure material; such as iron and its use for nails or shackles and  rope as a material to capture and tie fish or animals or to restrict people. It is clear that the context is always the issue, the way each component is presented as part of an installation of objects, shapes and materials that reconstruct narratives and references in the public’s mind. Therefore, as an artist, I explore the meaning of objects, gathering elements to direct the viewer to a set of ideas. It is not a matter of convincing someone of something, but of creating constructions and suspensions that have a psychological / aesthetic / narrative ‘tension’ in their form, present in the materials. This  work  can be orchestrated to encourage levels of awareness resulting from the experience of the spectator. I try to look at these historical, colonial, philosophical and cultural aspects in the position of an artist. My identity as black and Brazilian offers a unique perspective to make works of art that question history, colonialism, race, gender and geography that through objects and images I have been creating and, moreover, having as a heritage in Brazilian art and culture, that  encourages a new approach.