Alexandra Ribeiro, “2020”

“2020”, sculpture, 2020.
Detail of “2020”, sculpture, 2020.
Video of “2020”, sculpture, 2020.

Materials: ceramic, rusty nails and screws

Dimensions: 11cm x 8cm x 7cm

Artist’s comment: It’s been a tough year not only for me but for the world. I wanted to show how I’m feeling, and that’s the result. Ceramic heart with rusty nails and screws. It’s simple, but it’s precisely how I feel for months. It’s a mix of anguish, anxiety, appreciation and fear to live.
Since I was a child, I tried to use the materials around me. I worked with used paper, plastic bags, everything I could put my hands on. Ceramic has always been a good choice in Brazil. We live in places with a backyard full of clay; it’s cheap and beautiful. My pieces remind me of my childhood growing up in an very poor environment. Houses with bright colours. Rust everywhere. Animals and pure air. The perfection of being imperfect. For me, art naïf it’s precisely this. Memories that are kept in a cloud of colours and sounds. That’s what I try to express, this simplicity that’s so appealing to me.