Adam Wiseman, “Arquitectura Libre”

“Arquitectura Libre”, photography, 2020.
“Arquitectura Libre” framed, photography, 2020.
“Arquitectura Libre”, photography, 2020.
“Arquitectura Libre” timelapse, photography, 2020.

Materials: Photo print and textiles.

Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm x 10cm

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Artist’s comment: Arquitectura libre is a long-term project on the self-built environment. It focuses primarily on the architecture of remittances; the fantastical houses being built by financing from Mexican immigrants in the US who send money home. Arquitectura libre discusses the idea of a home more as symbol than as function. Approaching the theme of migration through its architecture opens up a somewhat unique perspective on a much- reported subject. It poses questions of not only displacement but of replacement, wherein these homes symbolically “replace” the migrant in the most visible of ways. Arquitectura libre is a story of displacement, replacement, identity, culture, classism, racism, education, perseverance – and mistakes. Arquitectura libre is a celebration of architecture that transcends convention and bears witness to dreams.