The Association of Cultural Attachés from the Embassies of Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal is a non-profit organization that promotes these cultures within the UK. They run cross-cultural initiatives, events and competitions to provide freelance artists across all disciplines with creative opportunities, which simultaneously help to raise the profile of their Ibero-American home nations.

Message from Ana Elizabeth González, President of ACALASP:

“We are proud to be supporting the production of cross-cultural artworks which celebrate the engagement and connection with Latin America, Spain and Portugal. In 2017 we chose the theme of Dialogues as a strong mechanism for unity and conciliation, of nations coming together as one through art and expression.

We were equally delighted to receive the support of an esteemed judging panel for last year’s VIA Arts Prize. We looked to the judges for their extensive knowledge of art critiquing and personal interpretations of this year’s theme, and they chose a most worthy winner and runner up, who truly embodied last year’s theme of dialogues and clearly incorporated their inspiration from Latin America.

As ACALASP seeks to promote greater knowledge of Latin America and Iberia, we have been thrilled to see how entries over the years have engaged artistically with these inspiring regions.”